What Should You Do To Prepare Your Home to Sell?
First impressions are most important! If your home is in poor
repair, that will affect how the home shows and it's saleable value.

Before you put that "For Sale" sign up in your yard, you may want to consider
taking care of those minor repairs & maintenance such as:
You must let buyers walk though your home, if you want them to make offers. These
people are usually total strangers. Whether you list with an agent or attempt to sell on
your own, you will want to take the same reasonable precautions you would when
letting any stranger in:

                · Remove all valuables.
                · Don't show the home by yourself.
                · Avoid showing the home late at night.

Many experienced real estate agents recommend that you have something "homey"
brewing or baking on the stove when potential buyers come through to add a warm
and welcome atmosphere. Baking bread or steaming apple cider are good choices.
(You can offer the buyers a cup of cider... it will make your property stand out from
the dozen others they see that day!)

·  Leaky Pipes
·  Pealing Paint
·  Stained Carpet (Steam Clean)
·  Fingerprints on Walls
·  Rust Stained Sinks & Tubs
·  Pick-up Clutter (Toys, Clothes, Debris Inside & Outside of Home)
·  Rake Leaves
·  Vacuum
All of these things can affect the desirability of your home, as well as the bottom
line price. Facts show that the more work the home needs, the lower the price
that will be offered.
Preparations For Showing Your Home
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